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Skolem Announcements

  • Skolem is now offering automated swap orders through our unified execution API on all numerical series from our DeFi data product. You can place limit, stop loss, & other orders on DEXs which will be executed on-chain when the conditions are met. Conditions trigger a notification or fire trades when met and can be used for back testing over historical real world data.

State of the Market

DeFi Yield Opportunities

These are some of the most interesting new yield opportunities surfaced by the Skolem team.

Any information covered in Skolem Segments should not form the basis for making investment decisions, nor be construed as a recommendation or advice to engage in investment transactions. Any mention of a token or protocol should not be considered a recommendation or endorsement.

[USDC] 7% APY with USDC by supplying USDC on Compound v3

  • Yield is earned from supplying USDC and earned in USDC and Compound tokens
  • To participate, supply USDC into the USDC market
  • Risk: Smart contract risk exists for dapps like Compound v3

[CRV] 25% APY with CRV by depositing CRV on Yearn Finance

  • Yield is auto-compounded and earned in staked yCRV
  • To participate, deposit yCRV into st-yCRV, a Yearn v2 vault
  • Risk: Smart contract risk and underlying third-party platform risk exist; CRV is a volatile token, which is subject to price risk

[FRAX] 13% APY with FRAX by depositing FRAX on Fraxlend

  • Yield is earned in FRAX
  • To participate, supply FRAX into the FRAX-CVX market
  • Risk: Smart contract risk exists for dapps like Frax Finance; PEARL is a volatile token, which is subject to price risk

DeFi Developments

Institutional Adoption

  • Mastercard successfully completed CBDC pilot with Reserve Bank of Australia
  • Fidelity Digital Assets becomes first enterprise client of EY's on-chain analytics tool
  • China's e-CNY digital currency used to settle international crude oil deal
  • Deutsche Bank and SC Ventures complete first stablecoin swaps on Universal Digital Payments Network (UDPN)
  • Circle partners with Taiwan's BitoGroup and FamilyMart to expand loyalty points utility and enable conversion to USDC
  • Thai banking giant KBank acquires Satang exchange to grow crypto business

Asset Tokenization


  • UK Treasury releases final proposals for crypto asset regulation
  • WalletConnect restricts usage in Russia, citing OFAC guidelines
  • Trading firms Jane Street, Virtu Financial, Jump Trading and Hudson River Trading may work with BlackRock in market-making roles

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